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Trade Loss Summary report – Where 3 trades exist and losses arise the report applies the losses against the wrong trade. Please add a tax note. 57629 TBA

CT600A Part 3

The entry in Box A65 is not being displayed correctly.  The value in this box should be the total of Box A55 and A60.  The entry in Box A65 is the value displayed in Box A70. Completion of Part3 of the CT600A is very unusual. This is a pre-existing issue and affects corporation tax returns for AP commencing on or after 7 April 2015. The work around is to leave the repayment details off the return and attach form L2P to the CT600
57463 TBA

Computation NTLR deficits up to 31/03/2017 claimed in subsequent period reports.  Where the deficits are only partly claimed the schedule on the computation showing the carry forward of the deficits shows the deficit utilised to be the same as the deficit brought forward.  Notwithstanding this the deficit carried forward shows the correct figure

57460 TBA

The amount of the calculation should be profits less deductions allowance plus 50% of the excess. 

CT does not automatically offset the losses - the process is a manual entry so the user is able to manually make a claim for the correct amount

57376 2019.1 Candidate
When attempting to delete a client in CT it cannot be deleted if Period of Account exists and in turn this cannot be deleted if an active workflow exist. 57327 TBA
Where the Corporation tax Accounting Period straddles 31 March 2017, then in some circumstances the relief for losses Brought Forward from an earlier Accounting Period may not be calculated correctly. This will affect a small number of companies. 57308 2019.1 Candidate
The Deductions Allowance is not automatically shown in the tax computations 57256 TBA
The Management Expenses Summary report does not include the value of an entry made in the “B/Fwd override” field. 57094 TBA
The Taxonomy selection for the DPL needs to be manually selected when the Accounts have been in tagged under IFRS/FRS101 or FRS102 in Review and Tag. 57049 TBA
An entry in Box E190 of the form CT600E causes an online validation failure. 56985 TBA
The HMRC online filing response is not included in the zip file published to Document Management after the case has been exported and imported. 56911 TBA
The warning message to complete the loss surrender options is not shown when the only losses being surrendered are Losses B/Fwd that were created on or after 1 April 2017. 56900 TBA
You are only able to publish the Corporation Tax Return and Computations to DM or Portal.  It is not possible to publish the Corporation Tax reurn only. 56884 TBA
The value posted in the current year Deferred tax charge is based on the NBV less Tax WDV entries, it is not including any entries made in the “Timing differences” and “Roundings” column in the Net Book Values screen. 56869 TBA
There is a tick box in the “Main Pool” and “Special Rate Pool” for all trades and for Management Expenses which when selected will create a balancing charge/balancing allowance for the pool. Use only in the Management Expenses if the Pool has ceased. 56841 TBA
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