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Portfolios can be consolidated for capital gains tax purposes. Use this screen to create a master portfolio that other portfolios can be consolidated into.

Child Portfolio Reports

Portfolios that are consolidated are sometimes referred to as child portfolios. When processing a child using Run Calculation the Dividend and CGT schedules show the consolidated position. The report is headed with the name of the consolidated fund.

When running any of the Client Reports on child portfolios the data that relates to the child portfolio is shown and the report is headed with the name of the child portfolio.

Consolidated Portfolio Reports

There is currently little reason to run a report from the consolidated fund. If Run Calculation is used then the reports are the same as the child portfolio reports. The Client Reports do not work properly and only show balances brought forward.

This means for instance, that the system cannot produce a consolidated investment schedule.

New Portfolio Period

If a child portfolio or the consolidated portfolio is rolled forward into a new year then all the child portfolios and the consolidated portfolios are rolled forward at the same time. This creates Balance BF transactions in the child portfolios and the consolidated portfolio. If a Balance BF is edited in a child portfolio, perhaps because of a corporate action, then the same change must be made manually to the Balance BF in the consolidated portfolio. It is easy to forget this leading to the consolidated portfolio being out of sync with the child portfolios.


New Portfolio and Period
Use the New Portfolio and Period window to create new portfolios and new portfolio periods. Use the Consolidations button to consolidate multiple portfolios for CGT.
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