Quality Improvements

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    ITS/54389 - Remove the 2 checksums from the bottom of CGT reports

    These numbers were useful to CCH but are meaningless for users.

    ITS/54457 - Acquisitions and Disposals Report does not include prior year sales

    The Acquisitions and Disposals Report can be run for the current period or all periods. But if it was run for all periods, then the purchases for earlier years were appearing, but not the sales.

    ITS/54197 - Rename "Dividends from Investments Abroad (UK Tax Deducted)"

    These are now described as "Dividends from Investments Abroad”. Similarly interest is described as "Interest from Investments Abroad”.

    ITS/53718 - Show the client name in the report headings

    It previously showed the Report Heading field, which is effectively the name of the portfolio. It now shows the Client Name, unless a client has more than one portfolio and only a single portfolio is being reported. In this last case, the report is headed with both the Client Name and Report Heading. 

    ITS/53716 - Reports: Where a company has changed name the old name was shown

    Previously if a company had changed its name during the year, some reports showed only the old company name. Now the new name is shown.

    ITS/53738 - Accrued Income Report: Show any accrued income entered

    The system allows accrued income to be entered on any security, but it was previously only reported if the security was within the Accrued Income Scheme. This caused problems, particularly if a security changed its status during the year or if a broker thought a security was within the Accrued Income Scheme and CCH thought it was not. So now the Accrued Income Report shows any accrued income entered.

    ITS/53956 – The Closing balance report was showing no cost

    These figures are now shown.

    ITS/55704 - Foreign income report shows incorrect totals

    The report was showing Country totals that included some Dividends and some Interest, but were sometimes incorrect. Dividends and Interest are now totalled separately.

    ITS/53132 - Equalisation does not appear on non-UK unit trusts

    This mostly applies to Irish unit trusts. The equalisation is now shown.

    ITS/54247 - Where RPI figures are shown on a Computation we now show the month to which they relate

    Previously the RPI figure was shown without the month.

    ITS/55720 - Investment schedule - Format improvements

    Two changes have been made to the format. Thousand separators are now included. Also if the security requires several lines to print, the opening balances are shown on the first line and the closing balances are shown on the last line. Previously the opening and closing balances were both shown on the first line with other transactions underneath.

    There are some other format changes CCH would like to make: CCH would like to bracket negative numbers and to use a numeric format when data is exported to Excel. But it has not been possible to include these items in this release.


    ITS/52452 - Transaction Import: Sundry Faults

    Various changes have been made:
    ‒    Invalid transactions were counted incorrectly.
    ‒    Duplicate transactions are shown more clearly.
    ‒    It no longer gives an error if the file is read-only.

    ITS/55614 - Corporate CGT on a relevant security: The FIFO matching ignores Balances B/Fwd

    For an individual, relevant securities are matched using LIFO. But for a company, the matching uses FIFO if acquired in the last 12 months, and before that, LIFO. The matching was not matching to transactions acquired in the 12 months under FIFO if the acquisition was represented by a Balance B/Fwd in the current fiscal year.

    ITS/52249 - Give a helpful error if the FDSProperCase.txt file cannot be found

    It used to give the message "Controls can't be added or removed after report starts running. Please modify your ControlCollection in the ReportStart event" which was (very) unhelpful.

    ITS/54091 - CGT-PT link: If a masterfile is missing, it can close Central

    This could only happen if the masterfile was present when you processed in CGT&DS but was deleted by the time you imported the data into Personal Tax. Now if the masterfile is missing, you first see the normal pink message in Personal Tax that “The linked Portfolio transaction data is not up to date. Click here to update.” But on clicking the message, a new message appears saying “Please go to the CGT and DS client to download MAST2Fxx.sdb”. The message remains pink and does not disappear. 

    ITS/54691 - SecTAX Conversion: The conversion date always defaulted to 05/04/2011

    It now defaults to the end of the previous tax year.

    ITS/54265 - SecTAX Conversion: sales shortly before 5th April were converted incorrectly

    The conversion converted them as a Sundry entry, separate from the rest of the Balance B/Fwd. This was intended to enable the system to calculate dividends correctIy if the security went ex-div in the old fiscal year and paid a dividend in the new one. However the mechanism was not working correctly and if the shares were later sold, it could show a Cost of “?” on a CGT report.

    ITS/54156 - Download securities files - Option to untick all did not work

    Previously if you only wanted to download one or two securities files you needed to untick each of the unwanted files individually. You can now untick them all and just tick the ones you want. However sdb_Master1.zip which contains the RPI values is ticked by the system automatically and cannot be unticked.

    ITS/55591 - Licensing - Exiting Central can leave a CGT&DS licence locked

    This problem could occur if one workstation went into CGT simultaneously on several clients and then exited them all in a single operation by closing Central.

    ITS/52542 - In Accrued Income Scheme: This setting was not brought forward when New Portfolio Period was run

    Previously the setting In Accrued Scheme, which can be seen when a calculation is Run, was being reset from the defaults in File > Maintenance > CGT and Dividend Scheduling > Settings > Report Settings Defaults when a New Portfolio Period was created. It is now carried forwards from one period to the next.

    ITS/52577 - You could not open a period that ended after the date of the last masterfile

    This could be a problem in corporate cases where the year end fell after the date of the latest masterfile. You can now open the period and perform data entry. But a message indicates that a calculation cannot be performed.