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Improved searching for securities by name

Previously the search only checked the Company Name field. This make it hard to find securities. For instance, searching for “Fidelity European” would only bring up 3 securities with a Company Name of “Fidelity European Fund”. Now it brings up 19 securities, including the 3 securities found before, but also securities such as “Fidelity Funds / European Growth Dis” where “European Growth Dis” is in the Description field. The method it uses for searching is almost the same as it uses in searching the CGT Security Codes website.

Removal of Tax Credits on UK Dividends from 2016/17

UK dividends are paid without tax credits for 2016/17 onwards. The columns for UK Tax and the gross amounts of UK dividends have been removed from the Dividends Schedule and the UK Dividends Report for reports starting on or after 06/04/2016.

Processing of Warrant Lapses

The CCH masterfile includes some data about warrants and when they expire. Warrant lapses are now displayed on the Schedule of Realised Gains and come through into CCH Personal Tax when the link to Personal Tax is run.

Alternative Descriptions Editor

Purchases and Sales have a field called Alt. Description. This can be entered with the entry or selected from a dropdown. Every time a new description is entered in Purchases and Sales, it is added to the dropdown list the next time you enter a Purchase or Sale. This means the list of descriptions can become long and may contain spelling mistakes. There was previously no way of editing this list.

A new option has been added that allows the Alternative Descriptions to be edited. It is found in File > Maintenance > CGT and Dividend Scheduling > Settings > Alternative Descriptions Editor. Descriptions can be added, edited or deleted. Each description has a Category field which specifies whether it applies to Purchases or Sales. If it needs to apply to both, then two Alternative Descriptions are required. To delete an Alternative Description, highlight the entry and press the Delete key.


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