CCH Bulk Email

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This guide provides an overview of product features and related technologies. In addition, it contains recommendations on best practices, tutorials for getting started, and troubleshooting information for common situations.
  • Advises how to add additional email types into Central.
  • The Email Template option within the Find Contacts and Find Clients windows allows you to add and configure email templates so that you can send out bulk emails.
  • The Email Template ribbon consists of three tabs: Message Data Format Text The Message tab is the default tab presented when either opening or creating a template.
  • Before you can start sending out bulk emails using the Email Merge Wizard, you need to ensure that a template has been setup. For further information on setting up email templates, please refer to the Creating Email Templates section. Please Note:  CCH Email Marketing is not compatible with any Microsoft Outlook 64-bit versions.
  • There are several reasons why an email might not go through to the contact(s) selected. One of the reasons is due to the contact(s) not having an email address setup.
  • The Bulk Email application includes the functionality of inserting a hyperlink in an email that will be sent out to a list of recipients. It also allows this hyperlink to be tracked - you will be able to track the recipients that have clicked on the hyperlink in an email. This enables you to get an idea of who is interested in what and action this.
  • This article is written exclusively for delegate (delegate: Someone granted permission to open another person's folders, create items, and respond to requests for that person. The person granting delegate permission determines the folders the delegate can access and the changes the delegate can make.) access to email messages and does not cover other delegate access scenarios, including Calendars and Tasks.
  • This section details  what is required to set up the database to enable firms to perform a bulk email using the SMTP mail method.