Copy Template

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    Some practices may already have an existing template which is used to send out emails to contacts. This could be in the form of an html document. The Email Templates window allows you to copy an existing template.

    Using an Existing Template

    From either the Find Contacts or Find Clients search screen, tick a contact or client and select EmailTemplates.png from the Task Bar.  This will return the templates list.

    Select the template by ticking on the tick box in the grid and clicking the Copy option CopyTemplate.png from the Task Bar.  The following confirmation message is returned.


    No cancels the copy option

    Yes creates the copy and displays the copy in the email templates list with a prefix of Copy of.

    Double click or select and open the Copy of xxxx template to perfrom any required editing;  Once done select save to apply the changes. For further information on saving a template, please refer to New Templates.