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This section details  what is required to set up the database to enable firms to perform a bulk email using the SMTP mail method.

Configuration Keys

Three new configuration keys have been added to enable practices to set the SMTP Server and to provide an encryption method that the firm wishes to use. For practices who wish to utilise this functionality, the following configuration keys needs to be set up under Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration

SMTP Configuration Keys

Key Name

Key Value


SMTPServer The Key value represents the SMTP address
SMTPServerPort 587 The Key value represents the open port for the SMTP Server
SMTPServerEncryption   If the Key value is left blank no encryption is applied to the server
SMTPServerEncryption SSL SSL enables the Secure Sockets Layer public key encryption
SMTPServerEncryption TLS TLS enables the Transport layer Security public key encryption 



Note: Only enter one SMTPServerEncrption keyname and value.

SMTP Username and Password

The SMTP username and passwords are held within the individual Employees record.  Access the Main Tab’ of the employee and select the passwords button.  Enter in the username and password for the SMTP within the SMTP section, click OK to save your details.


Note:  Salted AES Encryption is used to store the SMTP password details.  Once entered the password is masked by asterisks.  To update/amend an existing password, highlight password and re-enter.

Sending emails using SMTP protocol with CCH Document Management

When sending the emails via SMTP the file is saved as an html file and any attachments are stored as a separate document.

Email Wizard

Once all the above SMTP information has been entered, on Step 6 of the bulk email merge, you are presented with the choice of using either Outlook or SMTP mail protocols.


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