Link Tracking File Configuration

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    The link tracking file is in XML format and  is saved on the web server.

    Link Tracking File XML Format

    The name of the file is in the following format:


    The Reg Name can be found on the Help > About > Licensed To field.

    For Example:

    If your company name is ABC Ltd, this file will be saved on the web server as Tracker_ABC Ltd.

    The tracker file keeps track of the following fields:

    • Email Template
    • ContactID
    • Link Name
    • Date
    • Time

    Below is an example of a link tracking file:


    Each time a new email is tracked, the link tracking file is updated. The content of this file gets appended with new entries. Only one version of this file is saved on the web server.

    When an import is done, the system checks a selected number of fields to ensure that the information was not previously tracked. If it was, the entries are ignored and are not re-imported. The fields that are checked before an import is done are as follows:

    • Contact
    • Email Template
    • Date
    • Time (to the closes second)

    If all four of the above fields match and have been previously be imported, this will be ignored and not re-imported into the system.

    Importing the Email Tracking File

    To import the link tracking file, you will need to contact your in-house IT administrator who will be able to assist you.

    You can save this file anywhere on your local machine before importing it. The Import email tracking option is available on the following windows:

    • Find Contacts
    • Find Clients
    • Contact
    • Client

    To import the file, you will need to click on the ‘Import email tracking’ option. This displays the Open file dialog.


    Select the tracker file – in the screenshot above, the file is called Tracker_RegName. Double click to select the file. Once the import is complete, you will receive the following message:


    To view the contacts that have clicked on the hyperlink, you will need to go into the contacts record, and view this information on the Clients and Contacts tab.

    Note: In a future version, there will be reports available to display all contacts who have clicked on tracked links in an email.

    Tracked Emails on Clients and Contacts

    Once the email tracking file has been successfully imported, the details of this file will be displayed on the Tracked Emails tab of the contacts that have clicked on the tracked link in an email. The information that is recorded includes the following:

    Template Name

    This is the name of the template that was used to send out the email to the selected contacts.

    Date Received

    This is the date that the email was received.


    This is the hyperlink that the recipient of the email has clicked on.


    This is the email address of the contact.



    Configuration Key and IIS Setup
    To activate the functionality of email tracking, a new configuration key needs to be created under Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration.