Configuration Key and IIS Setup

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To activate the functionality of email tracking, a new configuration key needs to be created under Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration.

Configuration Key Setup

The value specified in this key is the address of the web server where the link tracking file is saved; example http://uklon007162w. This is followed by the words ‘LinkTracking’.

The details of the configuration key are as follows:


Key Name

Key Value


http://web server/LinkTracking

Note: The key value of the configuration key is case sensitive i.e. LinkTracking.

IIS Setup

The Link Tracking folder and the Link Tracking Default Web Site will also need to be configured.  This will be set by your in-house IT administrator.



Email Tracking Setup
The Bulk Email application includes the functionality of inserting a hyperlink in an email that will be sent out to a list of recipients. It also allows this hyperlink to be tracked - you will be able to track the recipients that have clicked on the hyperlink in an email. This enables you to get an idea of who is interested in what and action this.
Link Tracking File Configuration
The link tracking file is in XML format and  is saved on the web server.
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