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Before you can start sending out bulk emails using the Email Merge Wizard, you need to ensure that a template has been setup. For further information on setting up email templates, please refer to the Creating Email Templates section.

Please Note:  CCH Email Marketing is not compatible with any Microsoft Outlook 64-bit versions.

To Send Bulk Emails

To send out bulk emails, there is an Email Merge Wizard option File:email/email/010_Email+Marketing/010_Email+Templates/image023.jpg on the Find Contacts and Find Clients window. This option is also available on the Task Bar on all tabs within the Contact or Client record.

Sending a bulk email involves populating a list of contacts or clients that you want to send an email to; using the Find contacts/Find Clients search screens (these can be populated using the  Search from Reports or Search from Tax Explorer options). Once the list of contacts has been defined, tick the contacts and click on the Email merge wizard option. This option launches a wizard with several steps as defined below:

Note: An email will be sent out to the contacts selected using the contacts’ main email addresses.


The 1st step of the Email merge wizard displays a list of saved templates that have been created. Select a template that you want to use to send out an email to the selected contacts.


Once the chosen template has been selected, click on the Next button.


The Address step of the wizard is only applicable if the address merge fields have been included in the template.

For a template that includes addresses, you will need to select the address type on this step of the wizard. For templates that do not include any address fields, click Next to move to the next step of the wizard.


Available email types

You are able to select alternative email addresses.  By default the Primary email type is automatically listed under Selected.  To move across alternative email types, either double click the email name or highlight and use the centre arrows.  Where alternative email types have been added, the system looks at the first email type and if no entry is found in the record, the next email type is checked.  If numerous email types have been moved across to the Selected column, the above procedure is undertaken until the last email type is checked.  Use the Up/Down arrows to change the preference order.


The Relationship step of the wizard allows you to select the associated contacts that the email should be sent out to. In the example used in the following screenshot, an email will be sent out to the directors of the contacts or clients that have been selected in the Find Contacts or Find Clients window.


For a template that includes associations, you will need to select the relevant association on this step of the wizard. For templates that do not include any associations, click Next to move to the next step of the wizard.


Merge Selection

The Merge Selection step of the wizard allows you to review the list of contacts who are receiving emails.  This selection step allows you to remove contacts from the list and also preview an attached smart report (where the smart report was attached during Template Creation).


Click the EMWizardStep4ReportSelection.png to preview the attached Smart Report and or deselect any contacts, then click Next to move to the next step of the wizard.


The History step of the wizard allows you to perform the following actions:

History options
Add to Document History

Tick the Add to Document History check box if you want a record of the email that has been sent out to the contact.


The text entered in the Description field is linked to the Contact via the Documents tab. This is illustrated in the following screenshot.



Add to CCH Document Management

The Add to CCH Document Management automatically defaults to a checked status.  Enter in a Description and Document Type, as both of these fields are mandatory.  Uncheck this box if you do not want the emails saved to the contacts Document Centre.


Once the wizard has completed, the emails are searchable from the Document Centre screens within CCH Document.

The following error message is returned, If the user sending the email does not have the ‘#Document Centre#Check In’ permission set ,



Sending emails using Outlook with CCH Document Management integration

When using Outlook the ‘From’ field within the properties of the filed email within CCH Document Management is blank, this is due to Outlook handling authentication to the mail server.

Sending emails using SMTP with CCH Document Management

When sending the emails via SMTP the file is saved as an html file and any attachments are stored as a separate document.

Delivery options

The delivery option section allows you to defer a delivery for an email. For example a bulk email may have been created a day before it is due to go out to a list of contacts. You can specify a date and time for the delivery.

If the date or time setup was in the past, you will be presented with the following message:


This is not a mandatory field. By default, this option is unticked – all emails created will be sent out instantly.



The Options step allows users to select the mail protocol method to use to send the email.


Note: The Use SMTP functionality is only activated if the SMTP configuration has been performed.


For information on how to set up SMTP details, please refer to the SMTP Mail Protcol section

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