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To create Practice Masters the user modifies the CCH Trust masterpack.

  • Select Maintenance > Accounts > Master Pack.
  • Select the Type as Trust and the Entity as UK Trust.
  • A list of the available masterpacks appears.

Each master pack has a version number. If the version number is a whole number then it is a CCH masterpack, e.g. 1.00; if it has decimal places it is a practice masterpack, e.g. 1.01. A masterpack may be ticked as Published. Users can only change unpublished masterpacks that are not CCH masterpacks.

The latest masterpack is shown at the top of the list. If it is a CCH masterpack, or has already been published, then the user will need to create a new masterpack. To do so:

  • Click Create on the task bar.
  • A new masterpack is created by adding 0.01 to the latest version number.
  • Click OK.

The accounts pages can now be changed for the new version of the masterpack. This is performed using the Format Designer.

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