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The Contacts used by the Probate pages are set up on the Central Associated tab and on the Officers screen within AP.

Associated Tab

The CCH Masters require only a contact set up as the Auditor.

  • VAP also had fields on its Names tab for the Solicitor and Banker, but these do not appear in the accounts. So they are only for memorandum purposes only.
  • If the Deceased or Personal Representatives are set up on the Associated tab they will not appear in the accounts until the Officers screen has been accessed. So it is recommended that they are set up there in the first place.

Officers Screen

On this screen are set up the:

  • Deceased.  The Deceased is a separate Contact (or Client) from the Estate itself, i.e. the individual is a different entity from their estate.
  • Personal Representatives. These are described as "Administrators" in the accounts if Intestate is ticked in the Statutory Database > General Information; otherwise they are "Executors". The Personal Representatives who are to sign the accounts should be ticked as Signatories on the Officers tab.




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