Accessing Accounts Production from Central

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Accounts Production Tab

Accounts Production is usually accessed from the Accounts Formatting in Trust Accounts. However it is also possible to access Accounts Production directly from Central. If a client is opened in Central it will be seen to have tabs for each application in use, e.g. Tax Returns for Personal Tax, Document Centre for Document Management and so on. It also has an Accounts Production tab. If the client has already been accessed from Trust Accounts it will have an Accounting Period as shown below.


The user can access the Accounts Production Home screen by double-clicking the Accounting Period. If Trust Accounts is not running, the user receives the message “This accounting period is updated from Trust Accounts. Please start Trust Accounts and try again.” Normally the user would then start Trust Accounts and click OK. (It is not necessary to go into the relevant Trust Accounts client.)
It is also possible to press OK without starting Trust Accounts. This allows the user into the Accounting Period, but there are limitations:

  • The trial balance may not contain the latest figures from Trust Accounts.
  • The investment schedule will be empty as it is unable to retrieve the data from Trust Accounts.

Associated Tab

Accessing a client from Central is the only way to see the Associated tab. The Personnel and Addresses associated with a client on the Names tab in VAP’s Statutory Database are converted to Contacts in Central with a relationship shown on the Associated tab.





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