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The Officers screen appears as follows:

The Officers screen is used to specify the trust’s beneficiaries, settlors and trustees. The columns are as follows:

  • Order determines the order in which beneficiaries, settlors or trustees are listed. To change the order, click the column and overwrite the Order value. This may involve renumbering other officers first as no two officers can have the same value for Order.
  • Name is a contact. To create a new officer, select the contact in the Name column in the first row of the table.
  • Type can be Beneficiary, Settlor or Trustee. If one officer acts in more than one role then one line is needed for each role, as in the example of Lord Trenchmore above.
  • Override. This column may not be visible. To add it, either right-click the table and use the Field Chooser, or click Name Override on the Actions menu.
  • Start Date, End Date. The period for which the officer acted. Either can be left blank.
  • Retiring, Deceased. The reason an officer has ceased acting. One or other of these is usually ticked if an End Date has been entered.
  • Signatories. This is only available for trustees. Tick the trustees who should sign the accounts. The trustees ticked are shown in the accounts using the #bsig command (see below).

The options on the Actions menu are:

  • Print prints the list of officers.
  • Export to Excel exports the officers data to Excel.
  • Show Field Chooser allows columns to be added or removed from the table of officers.
  • Show shortcut keys. Most of them are obvious or not applicable, but it’s worth knowing that if a new officer is being entered on the top line of the table, the user can press Control-Enter to complete the line without going through all fields. The user can also click on a lower line of the table to complete the entry.
  • Add new contact. Opens the usual screen to add a new contact.
  • Name override. A shortcut for adding or removing the Name Override column to the table. It’s quicker to use this than Show Field Chooser.
  • Refresh. Refreshes the list if a change has been made on the Associations screen or by another user.


  • Although beneficiaries, settlors and trustees are set up on the Officers screen, other officers need to be set up on the Associated tab.
  • To delete an Officer, click a field on its row. The field is ready to be edited. Press Esc. The field is no longer selected and the whole row is selected. Now press the Delete key.
  • The formulae for showing officers are discussed under the DirRange command.


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