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Statutory Database Screen

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This screen appears as follows:

The Statutory Database holds items of data that are used in the accounts apart from the trial balance and the contact names of officers. Each item is identified by a code. In an accounts page, the text of this paragraph would be included by entering the formula =AP(“#cd55”).

  • Search The Search control is used to find a paragraph from its code.
  • Code The code for the selected paragraph, “#cd55”, is shown in the Code control.
  • Statutory Database folders. All the available Statutory Database nodes can be seen in a folder structure. Instead of using the Search control the user can select a node by browsing the folders.  The selected item above is Responsibilities of trustees (old main paragraph).
  • Node Details The data relating to the selected node is shown on the right.
  • Node Details dropdown. CCH provide master paragraphs and these can be selected by using the dropdown list. But in this case the user has written their own paragraph, so the dropdown says “[custom]”.
  • Edit. Click the Edit button to edit the text.
  • Revert If the node displays a master paragraph and this paragraph is edited, then click Revert to revert the CCH version.


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