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The Accounts Production Home screen appears as follows.

This is the Home screen. It has a Ribbon and 4 panels:


Only 1 button is enabled:

  • Master Pack Version. This  can be used to change the version of the Master Pack in use on this client if  Practice Masters are being created.

Last Print Preview Panel

This is a preview of the last set of accounts produced. This is not visible above as we have pinned it to hide it. The only sign of it is the words “Last Print Preview” running down the right side of the screen.

Task Bar Panel

This is shown on the left. It contains 3 sections:

  • The year at the top. This can be changed to see the last year’s trial balance. Note that currently Accounts Production only holds Statutory Database information for Trust Accounts for the current year. So prior year accounts cannot be regenerated.
  • The menu at the bottom. Most menu options are greyed out for Trust Accounts users. Selecting the Home option displays the screen shown above.
  • The Actions section in the middle. This shows the Actions applicable to the currently selected menu option.

Trial Balance Panel

This is the trial balance passed from Trust Accounts to AP. If rounding was specified in Trust Accounts, the trial balance will be rounded.

The trial balance is updated automatically from Trust Accounts at the point when it is displayed. If an entry is made in Trust Accounts while the trial balance is open, the new values will not appear until the trial balance comes to be redrawn, e.g. after moving to another menu option and back again.

Errors and Exceptions Panel

For trust cases, this panel contains no useful information.



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