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After linking Trust Accounts to Central, there are some differences visible in Edit Client.

Linking a client to Central

If a client is not linked to Central then a Link button is available in Edit Client.  If clicked then a warning appears that some existing client details will be overwritten from Central.  Central’s client list appears and the user selects the client in Central to link to.  Once selected, some fields in the client are updated from Central and can no longer be edited in Trust Accounts.  Fields that are not available in Central can still be edited in Trust Accounts.

The fields that are updated from Central are:


Fields linked to Central
Name tab Code, Surname, Forenames, Title and Suffix
Address tab Address, Tel and Fax
Mailing tab Email address and mobile number

Unlinking a client from Central

Once a client is linked, the Link button changes to an Unlink button.  If the Unlink button is clicked the client is unlinked and all the fields on the client become available for editing again. If the Trust Accounts client has accounting periods in Central then they are deleted when the client is unlinked.




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