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Linking Trust Accounts to Central

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To use CCH Accounts Production, Trust Accounts must be linked to Central. What this means is that certain details relating to the client are held in Central and, although they are shown in Trust Accounts, they cannot be edited in Trust Accounts. The way this works is as follows:

  • When a new client is created in Trust Accounts, the user has the option of creating it from a client that already exists in Central.  If the user chooses to do so, they are asked to select the Central client before being taken to the normal Trust Accounts Edit Client screen.  On this screen the fields that come from Central are disabled and cannot be edited.  Other fields that are not present in Central can be entered in the usual way.
  • Within Edit Client there is a button available to either Link or Unlink a client.  This means that clients can be linked as required.  For instance, it might be useful to create a test client in Trust Accounts that is not linked to one in Central.
  • On the Client List all the clients that are linked to Central are indicated with an asterisk.
  • If the name or address of a client is changed in Central it is not immediately updated in Trust Accounts.  Instead it is updated the next time a user goes into edit the client or double-clicks to work on the client.  This is called “resyncing” the client.
  • If a list of clients is produced, through Reports > List of Clients, all the Trust Accounts clients are resynced. There is also an option available to Resync all the clients in Database Parameters > Other > Link to CCH Central.
  • If a Trust Accounts client is linked to Central and then deleted from Trust Accounts, then it is automatically unlinked first. If the Trust Accounts client has any Accounting Periods in Central then they are deleted as well, but the Central client is not deleted.
  • If a Trust Accounts client is linked to Central, it should not be deleted from Central. If it is deleted from Central, then warnings will appear in Trust Accounts when Trust Accounts  tries to access the Central client. The stop the warnings, unlink the Trust Accounts client.
  • No extra software is required to link Trust Accounts to Central.  Trust Accounts can be either the C-Tree version or the SQL Server version.
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