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Problems following CCH Accounts Production 2016.1
A number of problems were encountered after the release of CCH Accounts Production 2016.1. These were fixed in CCH Central 2016.1 service packs 1 and 2.

ITS/54937 - The client last name is truncated at 45 characters
This happened when a Trust Accounts client was linked to Central and the Main name (or Surname) field in Central exceeded 45 characters. 

ITS/55087 - When CCH Accounts Production is used on a Trust Accounts client for the first time it should be on the latest published masterpack
Previously you needed to upgrade to the latest masterpack after going into the client in CCH Accounts Production for the first time.


ITS/45244 - The Trust Accounts Help file does not work on a network 
The symptoms were that you could see the Contents panel but not the text of the Help topics. Now, if there is a local temp folder then the Help file is copied to that location and used from there.

ITS/54619 - CGT History Report - Show total of Income Gains
This total already appears on the CGT Computation, but has now been added to the CGT History Report.

ITS/54956 - Nominal Ledger Report - Exclude opening balances after the report Start Date
This is to allow a multi-year nominal ledger report to be run. The fix is not perfect. There are 3 cases:

  • P&L account. These accounts have no opening balances. So you can already run a multi-year nominal ledger report.
  • Normal B/Sheet account, e.g. a bank account. Opening balances are omitted if they appear   after the report start date. This gives a correct multi-year nominal ledger, provided the year starts on a previous year start date.
  • Close-off accounts. In this case the opening balance is made up of two amounts: a) the balance b/fwd from the same account last year and b) the amounts that are closed off to this account. To produce a correct multi-year nominal ledger the program would need to omit a) but not b). However the program cannot distinguish between them. So a multi-year nominal ledger print is incorrect in this case.

ITS/55276 – Users of the Telekurs data feed were getting a message on logging in that the Tax Rates need to be set up
The program did not like the zero dividend rate for 2016/17.

ITS/55030 – After importing a client, the contents of the error log are displayed
Previously there was just a message telling you the location of the error log.


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