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These Release Notes document the changes in CCH Trust Accounts 2016.2.  Features added in earlier releases are documented in the Help file, accessed using the F1 key in Trust Accounts. Newer features are in Online Help which can be found from Trust Accounts via Help > New online help.

CCH Trust Accounts 2016.2 runs in conjunction with the following CCH products:

Viztopia Formatter CCH Accounts Production (VAP) 7.50. Trust Accounts will run with earlier releases of VAP, but for the conversion to CCH Accounts Production, version 7.30 or above is required (as it updates the Statutory Database to the correct level).
Transaction Reporter 2.20
Telekurs 2.10
Central 2016.2 or above

This release includes the following:

  • Redesign of the Year End and Clear Down screen to support FRS102
  • Support for FRS102 Limited company and Charity Accounts through CCH Accounts Production
  • Ability to roll back a year end



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