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CCH Accounts Production 2016.1 introduced some problems in generating accounts from Trust Accounts through Accounts Production.  Most of these issues were fixed in CCH Accounts Production  2016.1 Service Pack 1, but a couple of  Known Issues were noted. Service Pack 2 fixes these Known Issues and includes a few more lower priority fixes.

Service Pack Pack 2 was only notified to CCH Accounts Production users. But it is available to any user by running the CSI in the usual way.

Note that the version of Trust Accounts itself is still 2015.3. The changes described here are to CCH Accounts Production and only affect Trust Accounts users that are using CCH Accounts Production as its accounts formatter.


Fixed in the 2016.1 Service Pack 2

ITS/55184 - Global Accounts Printing is giving an error with AP2016.1 

It should now work correctly.

ITS/55244 - On 2016.1 SP1 immediately after conversion from VAP no TB is present

This was a Known Issue from 2016.1 SP1. The user needed to change year to see the TBs.

ITS/55245 - On 2016.1 SP1 the RangeDefs used on Estate Accounts show "Error in formula"

This was also a Known Issue from 2016.1 SP1.

ITS/55086 - Enable Home > Master Pack Version

If a user is asked whether they wish to upgrade a client to the latest Master Pack and ticks "Ignore Master Pack upgrade" then there was no way to upgrade later. The option Master Pack Version allows the user to upgrade at a later date.

ITS/55054 - Draft message is not ticked on a new client in StatDB

When a Trust Accounts client is first opened in Accounts Production, the option to show the Draft Accounts message is now ticked by default. This can be seen in Statutory Database > General > General information.

ITS/54299 - Pound signs appearing as <O> in investment schedule totals

If an investment schedule is printed in Accounts Production using an Investment Schedule Profile which prints the totals with pound signs, then the pound signs were not appearing correctly.

ITS/54486 - The Trust officers screen allows creating an officer with no Type

The Type must be Trustee, Beneficiary or Settlor.

ITS/54462 - The Format Designer should not be available for Trusts unless licensed for TA-AP Link

This confused some Accounts Production users into thinking they could create accounts for trusts.

ITS/55105 - The option Maintenance > Accounts does not appear unless a user is licensed for AP

This prevented Trust Accounts users without Accounts Production from accessing the Format Designer.


Known Faults

There are still 2 Known Faults in 2016.1 SP2:
ITS/54937 - Link to Central: The client Surname in Trust Accounts is truncated at 45 characters

The problem is that Central's LName field allows 60 characters, Trust Accounts allows 45. This will be fixed in 2016.2 as it requires a new version of Trust Accounts.

ITS/55395 - The Errors and Exceptions panel should be removed from the Accounts Production Home Screen for Trust Accounts cases

It contains messages such as  "No postings made to Balance Sheet Rounding account", but you can click a link on the message and get to a screen from which you cannot escape. This is most likely to be fixed in 2016.3.



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