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CCH Accounts Production 2016.1 introduced some problems in generating accounts from Trust Accounts through Accounts Production.  These issues are mostly fixed in CCH Accounts Production  2016.1 Service Pack 1.  There are still some Known Issues that are documented below.

Note that the version of Trust Accounts itself is still 2015.3. The changes described here are to CCH Accounts Production and only affect Trust Accounts users that are using CCH Accounts Production as its accounts formatter.


Fixed in the 2016.1 Service Pack

Nominal balances are not displayed in the accounts after upgrading to AP2016.1

So pages like the Balance Sheet show no figures at all. The investment schedule does display correctly.

Unzipping a client can display an error

Several error messages are possible, including:

  • "There was an error generating the XML document"
  • "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object dbo.ContactContact"

When Saved Trial Balances are passed to AP, the last account of the last TB is omitted

So if 3 trial balances are passed to AP using the Autoload, the last figure on the third trial balance can be missing.

After a Year End in Trust Accounts, Statutory Database information and local pages are lost
Now the Statutory Database and local pages are carried forwards into the new year in AP.
Accessing AP for a Limited Company freezes on 2016.1
When AP is accessed from Trust Accounts for a Limited Company or a Charity, the Home Page appears but shows  a dotted spinner rotating indefinitely.
When subaccounts are in use, nominal formulae may give the wrong result
When subaccounts are in use, a nominal formula that adds up a range of accounts double-counts the subaccounts

Known Faults

There are however 2 Known Faults in 2016.1 SP1:

ITS/55244 - Immediately after conversion from VAP some Trial Balances do not appear in AP
The problem is that it opens AP in the wrong year, but only immediately after a conversion from VAP. To see all the trial balances either,

  • change the year end in AP in the drop-down in the top left of the screen
  • exit from the client in AP and go back into it again.

ITS/55245 - The RangeDefs used on Estate Accounts show "Error in formula"
These RangeDefs refer to Saved TBs.

Please contact WK TAA if affected by either of these issues.



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