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ITS/54060 – Updating the Accounts Production trial balance from Trust Accounts is slow

This now runs about twice as fast.

ITS/53945 - After converting a client from VAP to AP, sometimes the Trust Accounts clients list was not visible

The window containing the list is visible, but all the buttons had disappeared.

ITS/53973 – Occasionally the investment schedule appears in portrait in AP

The workaround was to print the accounts to PDF and then print the PDF, but this is no longer necessary.

ITS/53974 – If a client is unzipped the Name Override on the Officers screen can be lost

This happened if the client was being copied to a new database.

ITS/54208 – With SQL Server Trust Accounts, AP sometimes reports that “Trust Accounts is not running”

If the SQL database is on a separate server and is accessed through the DAL proxy then AP reports that "Trust Accounts is not running" and no trial balance is passed from TA to AP.

ITS/54252 - You could not use the AP Formatter without having VAP installed

To do this you need a licence without CCH VAP Formatter ticked in File > Info.

ITS/54476 - You could not zip a file with a path longer than 100 chars

This could affect zipping a client with a local AP accounts page.


ITS/54175 - CGT What If: Occasionally the computation could freeze

The problem was rare.

ITS/54363 - Multi client CGT report did not show which gains were exempt or income gains

They are now indicated in an extra column.

ITS/54390 - CGT Summary Report did not show which gains were exempt for nonreporting funds

This problem was originally noted in the Trust Accounts 4.40 Release Notes.

ITS/54396 - CGT Summary Report included transactions that were outside the period

They are within the first 30 days of the next year.

ITS/54434 - CGT What If Reports did not always indicate Exempt disposals

Also the multi-client CGT What If now indicates which gains are exempt or income gains in an extra column.


ITS/54242 – On band P of the Exshare feed, ADRs were missing

Interactive Data added them into the band P data feed from 31/07/2015 and with Trust Accounts 2015.3 they are now read in from the feed into Trust Accounts.



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