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ITS/53509 – It was possible to create a subaccount without a main account

If you copied a subaccount from another client it didn't automatically copy the main account. This could leave a subaccount with no main account.

ITS/53550 – Find Security: Improve searching for a security code

If a user just enters a security code and presses Return, leaving Search for set to Name, the system is now more intelligent in searching for the correct code.

ITS/53582 - Find Security: Make Quick searches more efficient on SQL

Previously the Quick Search was not very quick on SQL Server.

ITS/53603 – Remove a server side cursor on SQL Server when scrolling the security list

Trust Accounts used a “server side cursor” in certain circumstances when scrolling through the securities list. Server side cursors are not usually recommended because their record by record processing can be slow, and some IT Departments do not want them used at all.  So an alternative method is now used.



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