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ITS/35678 - Entering interest after a dividend asked whether you want to change INT to DIV
This is now corrected.

ITS/48672 - TA-PT Link: If you have no P/L range defined, the bank interest figure was wrong
This happened when "Import nominal balances" was ticked. The figure should be the movement for the year in this case.

ITS/50187  - Batch client deletion
This option on QTRUMP32.EXE was asking whether you accept the deletion before every client. This has now been removed.

ITS/50205  - New options to Find Client
New options have been added to Find Client (the Find button on the Client List) to allow searching by Client alternate code or by the Fund alternate code.

ITS/50863  - CCT Wizard: Incorrect message that the percentages for an option do not sum to 100%
This happened when there were several options and the costs were being distributed by percentages, e.g. Aggreko GBP0.20 (0147899) on 11/07/2011 which had 3 options.

ITS/51027 - Find Security: Allow the security code to be entered as the security name for searching
In Find Security, users often enter a security code and click Find before changing the search type from Name to Code. The Find Security option now recognises a code and searches for it even if Code is not selected.

ITS/51095 – CGT: Corporate CGT calculation on a relevant security
A corporate CGT calculation was using 30-day B&B'ing on a relevant security. Companies use the 10-day forward matching rule on non-relevant securities. But on relevant securities there should be no forward matching at all.

ITS/51096 – CGT: The Capital History Report could be different from the Chargeable Assets Report on a nonreporting fund
If multiple purchases followed by a sale were entered on a nonreporting fund on a company the Chargeable Assets report was correct while the Capital History report matched to a pool instead of using FIFO.

ITS/52082 - CGT: Messages appear that 82 values are missing even if the holding was sold before the period start date
These messages are not helpful and no longer appear.

ITS/52368 - Data Entry: If the capital account was overridden on a sale it could revert to its default value
The problem was that when the profit calculation recalculated the cost of the entry it also reset the nominal account.

ITS/52370 - Data Entry: Edit a DIV to a DIG and it now highlights that the tax credit is wrong
Ideally it would add or remove the tax credit as appropriate. But we just open the Postings window to let the user make the adjustment.

ITS/52697 - Excel Reports: Did not recognise .xlsx and .xlsm files
This is now corrected.

ITS/53127 - Anticipated capital/income report - A rights issue may show as being taken up when the rights were sold
The program searches for a sale of rights between the ex-date and the event date. But the proceeds of lapsed rights can be received later. So we have extended the period to search up to 3 weeks after the event date.




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