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Updating to VAP v7.50

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Trust Accounts can run with VAP 7.50. Most users will not wish to upgrade. However Charity users may want to upgrade as the Charity pages contain a change to scope of the audit paragraph for ISA700. To upgrade, proceed as follows:

  1. Install VAP 7.50. The Trust Accounts Installation instructions give details.
  2. Go into QTRUMP32.EXE, the “Quick Import” version of Trust Accounts, and run Tools > Update Statutory Database.
  3. It probably says that the template and live Statutory Databases are both on v7.30 and “Statutory Database does not need updating”. Click the Update button to update them anyway. They still show as v7.30 after upgrading, but the upgrade to v7.50 has been performed.
  4. If you are using the CCH master charity pages and have not changed them then the updated accounts pages can be obtained by unzipping the file Solution 6 in the Charities folder.  By default the Charities folder is named:
  • X:\WTRUMP\DATA\Viza\Charity for the charity pages



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