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Several changes have been made in the area of CGT:

  • CGT Error messages now include the date of the incorrect transaction, e.g. in the message "No prior transactions for EQU to augment". This makes the transaction easier to find.
  • Currently where a CGT Report is run for the whole client, rather than a specific fund, the system automatically consolidates the capital history of funds that are flagged as consolidated in Edit Fund. This means that if multiple funds hold the same stock then the holdings are treated as a single holding and instead of producing a separate CGT report for each fund, only a single CGT computation is shown for the consolidated fund. This is usually what the user requires.

However there are cases when the user may wish to see the individual CGT calculations without applying consolidation. This may happen in preparing accounts for a trust where it is necessary to apportion the total CGT charge between different funds. One way to do this is to apportion the total charge in proportion to each fund's unconsolidated CGT charge. To facilitate this, an option has been added to the Capital Gains Tax Report to Run without consolidation. This has the same effect as unconsolidating all the funds temporarily before running the report.




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