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Copy Investments from Another Client

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A new option has been added allowing investments, and optionally their transactions, to be copied from another client. If transactions are copied, this can be done for all dates or a particular date range.

The option is found in Investment Accounts > Other > Copy from Other Client. (It is analogous to the option on the nominal ledger, Nominal Accounts > Other > Copy from Other Client.)

The options are as follows:

  • Source Client. Select the client to copy from.
  • Source Investments. Select the investment(s) to copy from the Source client.
  • Destination Fund. If the client has more than 1 fund, select the destination fund.
  • Copy Transactions. If ticked then transactions are also copied from the source client. If not, the investments are set up with no transactions.
  • All Dates, Dated From, Dated To. If All Dates is ticked then all transactions are copied. Otherwise a range of dates can be specified.
  • Percentage of Holding to be Moved. If specified then instead of copying each transaction, a specified percentage of each transaction can be copied.


  • Unlike Move Investments this option copies transactions and leaves the original entries unchanged.
  • On copying a percentage of entries the system:
    • Apportions the quantity on each entry so that the running total of the holding is accurate on the apportioned entries. This means that the quantity on one entry may be rounded down and on the next up.
    • Apportions the monetary amounts in proportion to the quantity on the entries, i.e. rather than using the percentage rate directly. (If the entry has a zero quantity then the percentage is applied directly.)
  • This option can be used in several ways.
    • Client Creation. A client can be quickly set up with a portfolio similar to an existing client. If the securities are the same, but the holdings differ then the holdings can be copied without the transactions.
    • Repeating entries across several clients. Sometimes there is a single portfolio of which several clients have a share. In this case:
  1. Create a dummy client for the shared portfolio and post the entries there.
  2. In year 1 copy a percentage of the dummy client’s portfolio into each of the clients that share it.
  3. In year 2 copy a percentage of the dummy client’s portfolio into each of the clients that share it, but this time specify a date range so that only year 2 entries are copied. This prevents year 1 entries being copied twice.
  4. Subsequent years are produced in the same way as year 2.




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