Using an Image in the Header or Footer

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    Using an Image in the Header or Footer

    It is also possible to define an image to print in the header or footer of each A4 page. This is done via the Theme.

    • In Maintenance > Accounts > Themes, create and then select your Practice Theme.  Click Page Setup to display the following screen:


    • On the Advanced Printing tab, you can input an Image command.  (Make sure you set the Location as "Page" rather than "Cell").
    • It is possible to add multiple Image commands - for example if you want your Practice logo to appear in the bottom left of the footer and also the Client's logo to appear in the bottom right of the footer.  For example:


    • You can also precisely control which formats pick up this Image command, for example if you only want your Practice logo to print on the Accountants Report or Audit Report formats.  To do this, click the ellipsis button in the "Apply to formats" cell and choose the relevant format names from the multi-select list:


    • You can also search for a particular format by entering text in the Search field.  This is a "contains" search term, so for example entering "Front" will find formats named "Front Cover" as well as those named "Management Front Cover".
    • You can also filter the list to only show the formats you have currently selected by using the radio buttons at the bottom of the screen.
    • Click OK to save your selection.
    • Note - the Format Name is the value that appears when you edit a specific format, click Page Set up and view the Title field as shown below:



    Hint: When inputting the Image command into the Advanced Printing tab, there is no validation of that command.  So, if for example you have forgotten to input a quote mark or comma you will not be alerted to this but the image will not display correctly in the print preview. You may therefore find it easier to construct the =Image command on the face of a format, so you can ensure it is valid, before copying and pasting it into the Advanced Printing tab.

    Hint: Don't forget that the Client you are using must be linked to the correct Theme via Maintenance > Accounts > Job Themes.