The Ruler

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    The Ruler

    When editing a format a Ribbon option is enabled called "Show / Hide Ruler". This toggles on and off the display of a ruler control at the top of the format to aid you with column width and page margins when maintaining a format. 

    You can select the units (inches or centimeters) by right clicking on the ruler. Please note that the WC command (Width of Column) only operates in inches. 

    When you right click on a cell and select Format > Column > Width, the width is now shown in your selected units.

    The ruler has some advanced features;

    • Page margin. A blue indicator is displayed to mark the right hand edge of the printable area (based on A4 page width and selected margin size). 
    • A column that does not print (for example if it has a Column Suppress command in it) is excluded from the scale of the ruler. The ruler shows as a grey shaded area for the width of the non-printing column.
    • A column which contains a Width of Column (WC) command may have a variable width depending on the data at the time of printing. In this case the ruler indicates this by using taupe shading. The scale shown in the taupe shaded section of the ruler may be different to the scale used elsewhere on the ruler.
    • A column which uses the ColumnFlex command displays with its minimum width in the ruler.