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Creating Dimensions

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Table of contents

Create a Dimension

  1. On the Task Bar, under Reference, select Dimensions to open the grid. 
  2. In the first row of the grid, enter the description (Shop Analysis in our example) for the dimension,  and press [Enter].
    Repeat this step if necessary to create additional dimensions.
  3. To add Dimension Members, select the row containing the Dimension in the grid and click View Options in the Task Bar.
  4. Enter the description of the first Dimension Member in the first row (Shop 1 in our example) and press [Enter].
    Repeat for 'Shop 2' and '3'.
    A blue dot will appear by the name of the Dimension in the grid to indicate that members have been defined for the Dimension.

dimension options window.png

  1. Close the window.

Now that the dimension has been set up you can indicate which Nominal Accounts should be analysed by this dimension.


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