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Dimensions allow you to provide more details in financial reports by allowing posting to a nominal account to be sub analysed by dimensions. This can be used to provide, for example departmental analysis, branch or area figures, or any other common sub analysis that you may wish to see across a range of accounts.

Dimensions and Dimension Members

Dimensions are user definable and can be set up using the Dimensions function under Reference in the functions area of the Task Bar.

These routines allow you to set up Dimensions and Dimension Members. The Dimension is the concept that you would like to report on and the Dimensions Members are the analysis of that concept.

You can have any number of dimensions associated with an account. For example, if you have a client with three shops, you could set up a Dimension called Shop Analysis with 3 Members; 

  • Shop 1
  • Shop 2
  • Shop 3

In the chart of accounts, you can indicate which accounts you wish to analyse by Shop, by adding the dimension to the accounts.

Topics in this Section

  • Nominal roles allow you to specify which accounts will be used for predefined actions carried out by the system. For example, when the system rounds the trial balance it may not balance due to rounding differences. The system corrects this by adjusting nominal accounts in the profit and loss and balance sheet areas to ensure that the rounded profit figure is correct and the balance sheet balances. The accounts that will be adjusted are shown by the associated role in the Nominal Role window.
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