Adding Sub Accounts

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    In addition to a chart having a fixed account length it will also gave a fixed length for sub codes. For example, our 3 digit chart has a code length of 3 and a sub code length of 2. For this chart wherever you type a code of 3 digits you are referring to the main account code and when you type a code of 5 digits you are referring to the sub code of an account.

    Add Sub Accounts

    You can add sub codes to existing accounts quickly using the Chart of Account grid. For example, to create sub code 01 for code 100:

    1. In the Chart of Account grid, enter 10001 in the Nominal Code cell of the data entry row.
    2. Enter the Description, Close off Account and the Chart Category details
    3. Once you have entered the details, press [Enter].
      If this is the first sub code added to a main account, the following confirmation message appears:

    Confirm promt

    1. Click Yes to confirm the move. The system does this as once a main account has sub accounts you can no longer post entries to the main account, you can only post to the sub account codes. Hence, when you create the first sub accounts, the system needs to move any transactions that are currently posted to the main accounts to the first sub account created.

    If you are adding further sub accounts to an account that already has sub accounts, e.g. if you now add 10002 as a new code, this will be added without the above questions being asked.

    The new account will appear in the grid with an icon Grid icon displayed in the Local column to indicate that the account has been defined at client level.

    If you type the code of an existing account in the entry line, and the details are retrieved but you will only be able to commit the line if you change the code. This does not edit the code retrieved but will create a new code with the data shown.

    If you have retrieved a line and do not want to proceed, press [Esc] twice to remove the data from the entry row.

    A warning message will appear if you try to create a nominal using a code that already exists.

    1. Once you have created your new sub account then it is selectable using the Close Off Account drop-down from the Chart grid and the Nominal Analysis drop-down in grids such as Payments and Receipts.

    Nominal analysis in the Payments grid