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Adding a New Account

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Add new Account

  1. To add a new account, click in the data entry row and enter the information you want added.
    You can press [Tab] or [Enter] to move to the next cell. 
  2. Enter details in the Chart of Accounts grid as follows:
Nominal Code

Enter the account code. The length of the code must match that defined for the chart selected. This will normally be 3 or 4 characters for the main code. If you enter the wrong number of characters then the system will advise you this when you move off the cell.

Description Enter the name of the account.
Close off Account This is the account that the balance on the current account will be closed off to at the end of the year. Accounts in the profit and loss account range will normally be closed off to Retained Profit. Accounts in the balance sheet range will either be closed off to themselves or an account rolling up the total of a number of other accounts, such as cost brought forward on a fixed asset account. Details of the facilities available when entering an account code in a cell are provided in the section covering Data entry.
Chart category

The chart categories are defined in the master pack and are used to identify the area of the chart in which an account falls. This is useful where you have accounts with the same name appearing in multiple areas of the chart, e.g. Wages and Salaries in Cost of Sales, Distribution Costs, etc. You can either select the category from the drop down list by clicking on the down arrow, or start to type the name of the category to display a filtered list to select from.















Some fields are mandatory and CCH AP will not allow you to save the new account until they have been completed.

  1. To commit the row press [Enter] in the last cell or press [Ctrl] + [Enter] at any time.
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