View Audit Journals

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    To view Audit Journals, select View Audit Journals on the CCH AP Task Bar. The Posted and Unposted buttons in the Ribbon toggle between displaying posted and unposted Audit Journal batches.




    • You cannot edit entries directly on this grid, to edit entries click on the Edit hyperlink. This opens the batch in a separate tab to allow you to edit or add to the batch. You can edit any of the information shown and add new lines too.
    • If a batch is unposted you can click the Post hyperlink to post it. If it is posted you can click the Unpost hyperlink to unpost it.


    • There are four Smart Reports that can be run to present information about the Audit Journals:
      • Adjusting Report. The Adjusting Report reconciles the results as per draft accounts to the results as per the financial statements.

      • Adjusting Report Extra

      • Potential Report. The Potential Report shows the potential adjustments due Unposted audit journals.

      • Potential Report Extra