Saving Trial Balances

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    The Saved Trial Balance option under Actions on the Task Bar allows you to save the currently displayed Trial Balance. This could be the default year to date TB or a filtered TB.

    Save a Trial Balance

    1.  Click the Saved Trial Balance option.

    1. In the Save Trial Balance window, enter a Name to identify the trial balance and enter the User defined reference by which you wish to refer to this trial balance data in reports.

    The reference entered here can be used in formula in financial reporting to pick up the balances for inclusion in reports. References A to F are reserved, but other than that you are free to use references of your choice. References are restricted to a single character. E.g. you could use “M” to represent the current months figures. You can use the drop down list to see a list of any existing references in use. If you enter a reference that is currently associated with another source you will be advised of this and offered the option to continue, for example:


    In this example, you could define a report using “M” in the formulae and produce it each period, after the periods TB had been saved, to show the current periods figures.