Filtering Trial Balances

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    You can filter the transactions that are included to arrive at the trial balance displayed.

    Filter a Trial Balance

    1. In the Actions panel, select Filter Trial Balance 
      The top panel in the Filter Trial Balance window contains any reporting periods that have been defined for the client and the lower panel any dimensions that have been set up. Initially, all periods and dimensions are included giving the year to date TB for the whole company.

    1. To restrict the figures to those that you require, e.g. a single period for 1 department, in the Filter Trial Balance window, clear the check boxes.
    2. To apply the filter, click  [Filter]. Once the required figures are displayed you can close the filter window.


    When you filter by dimensions it is possible that the filtered TB will not balance. This is not an error as CCH Accounts Production does not enforce double entry within dimensions.