View Transactions

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    To view transactions, load the accounting period and then select View Transactions from the Functions area of the Task Bar. This displays a grid containing a list of transactions for the selected period.

    Editing Transaction

    You can edit any of the information displayed, apart from the entry type. To do this, click on the data you want to change in the transaction line.  Any changes that you make are saved when you exit the cell.

    If you edit the amount of a journal entry, the imbalance created will be displayed in the total bar at the foot of the grid. The system will not allow you to close the transactions window, the client, or Central, until you have corrected the imbalance changing the amount of further transactions until the imbalance if shown as zero.

    All changes made to the transactions listed will be recorded in the audit trail.


    • Export to Excel This allows you to export the list of transactions displayed to Excel.
    • Filtering You can sort, filter and group the transactions listed. Please refer to Working with grids for more information.
    • List Report A Smart Report is provided that generates a formatted report of the transactions listed.
    • Audit Trail The system maintains an audit trail of all transactions entered and all amendments made to them. Central also offers a report on changes in all CCH Central products, via File > Maintenance > Audit trail > View Audit Trail