Task Bar

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The Task Bar appears on the left of the Home Screen and is visible on other screens as well. It contains 2 sections:

  • The year at the top. This can be changed to access prior year accounting periods.
  • The menu at the bottom. The available menu options are discussed in topics underneath this one.

Note that when a menu option is chosen on the Task Bar, the options available on the Ribbon change to those that are relevant for the selected menu option.


Topics in this Section

  • Receipts and Payments are entered the same way in the system.  The procedure below is valid for both Receipts and Payments.
  • The entering of data for journals is similar to entering receipts and payments, but there is no concept of a Logged in Account. However there is a concept of a batch reference and date for the journal batch. In all other respects you enter journals as described for payments and receipts. NOTE See Adding Payments or Receipts section for further information on entering transactions.
  • You can choose to import transactions or trial balances into CCH Accounts Production from delimited files.
  • You can export transactions or trial balances by selecting Export from the CCH AP Task Bar.
  • To view transactions, load the accounting period and then select View Transactions from the Functions area of the Task Bar. This displays a grid containing a list of transactions for the selected period.
  • To open the Create Audit Journals grid select Create Audit Journals from the CCH AP Task Bar.
  • To view Audit Journals, select View Audit Journals on the CCH AP Task Bar. The Posted and Unposted buttons in the Ribbon toggle between displaying posted and unposted Audit Journal batches.   Notes You cannot edit entries directly on this grid, to edit entries click on the Edit hyperlink. This opens the batch in a separate tab to allow you to edit or add to the batch. You can edit any of the information shown and add new lines too. If a batch is unposted you can click the Post hyperlink to post it. If it is posted you can click the Unpost hyperlink to unpost it. Ribbon There are four Smart Reports that can be run to present information about the Audit Journals: Adjusting Report. The Adjusting Report reconciles the results as per draft accounts to the results as per the financial statements. Adjusting Report Extra Potential Report. The Potential Report shows the potential adjustments due Unposted audit journals. Potential Report Extra
  • When you create the first accounting period for a client, you select the chart of accounts that will be used. The chart of account cannot be changed unless you delete the first accounting period and recreate with a new chart.
  • Dimensions allow you to provide more details in financial reports by allowing posting to a nominal account to be sub analysed by dimensions. This can be used to provide, for example departmental analysis, branch or area figures, or any other common sub analysis that you may wish to see across a range of accounts.