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    Association is the mechanism by which contacts are associated with clients. Any number of association types can be set up to describe any relationship. Once the association is made in CCH Central its details become visible in any accounting period to which it is relevant.

    Add an association

    1. Select the Association tab from within the client/contact's record.


    1. Select Add from the Association group in the Task Bar.


    1. In the the Associate existing contact window, select the type of relationship being created. For example, if you were adding details of a director and you have the company’s record open, click Has Director of.


    1. Click the Browse button at the end of the Contact field to find the contact that is the director:


    1. Enter the name, or part of the name, of the person you are looking for, click Search, and then select the contact from the results list.


    1. Enter the start and/or end dates for the association and click OK.  If the start date is before the accounting period end date and/or the end date is after the accounting period start date, the association will be relevant to the period and will be used in the financial statements.