Restoring Travelled Data

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    After you have worked on travelled data, the changed data needs to be merged with the office data.

    Restore Travelled Data

    1. To restore travelled data, open the CCH Central Offline data containing the travelled client.
    2. On the main menu, click File > Synchronise.
      The system will merge the updated travelled data into the office database displaying progress messages.
      At the end of the process it will back up the offline database in case you need to access it later.
      Finally, the offline Central data set is removed from the list of available data sets.

    Synchronise CCH Central changes

    After restoring the travelled accounting data, it is necessary to synchronise any changes made to the CCH Central contact records. You can do this using a homepage control that displays a list of any restored clients where changes to the Central records have not been reviewed and accepted.

    Adding CCH Central homepage control

    1. Before adding the homepage control, ensure that the current homepage has space to display the control.
    2. In the Tool Bar, under Other Tasks, click Customise homepage
      The Toolbox updates to show these options:
    1. If the CCH Central controls are not visible, click the Central button.
    2. Drag the Data to import control to a clear area on the homepage and resize it by dragging the borders as required. 
      You can rename the homepage by clicking its current name in the Task Bar under Views.

    1. To close the Toolbox click the red cross in the top right corner of the Tool Box.

    Using the homepage control

    The Data to import homepage control lists any restored travelled data where any changes to CCH Central records have not yet to be reviewed and accepted.

    1. To review the changes, double click  the entry and a new tab is displayed listing any changes that have been made to the Central data while offline.
    2. To accept the changes, click Apply in the Task Bar.
    3. If you do not want the local changes reflected in the office Central database, click Cancel changes
      You instruction will be processed, the tab closed and the record will be removed from the homepage control.