Travelling Clients

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    Travelling clients allows you to take the CCH Accounts Production and associated CCH Central data for clients out of the office to work on offline.

    Travel Clients

    1. To travel data, click the Clients button on the Tool Bar to display the Find clients window.
    2. Find the client you want to travel.
    3. In the Search results window, select the check box to the left of the client code and then click the Travel Client option under the Find Tasks group in the Task Bar.Find Client Screen.jpg
    4. A local copy of the CCH  Central Offline data is created and a confirmation message displayed once the process is complete.
      The next time that you log into CCH Central on the computer on which you travelled the data,you will see the Travelled client marked as CCH Central data Offline set in the list bearing the code of the client that you have travelled.
    5. Select the Offline Central Client and Log in on the local computer.
      You can now edit the Central client data and work on accounting data for the travelled client while away from the office.


    While a Client is travelled offline, all the client data in the Office Central version becomes 'read only', and no changes can be made to the client.
    You may travel any number of clients each of which will be stored in a separate data set for use out of the office.