Creating Accounting Data for a Client

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    Once a client has been created in CCH Central, accounting data will need to be created if not already created in Step 6 of the New Client Wizard. If accounting data exists, you may need to create the prior period.

    For a client currently with no accounting data

    1. To create accounting data for a client that already exists in CCH Central but for which no accounting data currently exists, click the Accounts Production tab.

    New Period in the CCH Accounts Production tab

    1. Click the Click here to add new Accounting Period row.
    2. Enter details in the Create Accounting Period window. The information requested is the same as the Accounts tab of the wizard described above.

    Comparative data for a client with accounting data

    If you have created the first accounting period that you are going to process, you will need to create the prior period to hold the comparative data.

    1. With the Homepage open, in the Task Bar, under Actions, click Create Prior.

    Create Prior Period window

    1. In the Create Accounting Period window, enter the Name, Year Start and Theme.
      The other fields are not available for edit.