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Managing Clients

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Table of contents

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  • Once a client has been created in CCH Central, accounting data will need to be created if not already created in Step 6 of the New Client Wizard. If accounting data exists, you may need to create the prior period.
  • Travelling clients allows you to take the CCH Accounts Production and associated CCH Central data for clients out of the office to work on offline.
  • After you have worked on travelled data, the changed data needs to be merged with the office data.
  • Any number of address records can be created and addresses can be linked to multiple clients. Address records are used to store the main business address and can also be used to store the registered office. How the accounts formatter obtains details of contacts and addresses is user definable and is described below.
  • Association is the mechanism by which contacts are associated with clients. Any number of association types can be set up to describe any relationship. Once the association is made in CCH Central its details become visible in any accounting period to which it is relevant.
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