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Document Centre

ITS/52464: Unable to start a workflow for an existing document created from a template   2013.4 

If a document has been created within Document Management, and a workflow was not started at the time of creation there is currently no way to start a workflow for the document.

ITS/52261: If a supplier is opened from the Global Document Centre, contact record is incorrectly opened  2013.3 

When a supplier is opened from the Global Document Centre the supplier record should be opened, not the contact record.

ITS/52071: Deleting documents with an active task fails without warning  2013.3  

A warning message should be displayed if an attempt to delete a document which still has an active task associated.

Email Filing

ITS/53122: Click on Client to list documents shows emails in inline edit mode   2014.2 

Outlook 2013 with only a Hotmail account (no Exchange account). In some circumstances click on a Client to retrieve the documents shows emails in inline edit mode.

ITS/52794: No matches appearing in Email Filing if an employee is an associate   2014.1 

If an employee is associated to a client or contact, no matches are shown in Email Filing.

ITS/52755: Unable to check the keep checked out checkbox on Add Document from Email Filing  2014.1 

When the Add Document window is opened from within Email Filing the Leave Checked Out checkbox is disabled.

Pending Library

Edit Details on Home Page   2014.1 

Improvements have been made to the Edit Details window, but this does not currently support multiple contacts. To reassign to multiple contact the user will need to go to the Properties panel in the Document Centre.

Changing Library to Client in Global Documents   2014.1 

When changing the library in the Global Document Centre from Pending to Client, the Document Contacts window does not pop up automatically. It has to be selected.

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