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4.2 Report Deletion

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Users can delete the items from the Report Audit Trail grid either manually or automatically at a given frequency.

To manually remove items from the Report Audit Trail grid:

  1. Select the records that you want to delete from the Report Audit Trail grid.
  2. Click on the Delete option from the Common section within the ribbon:


3. The Delete Report Audit Trail dialog is displayed:


4. Click Yes to remove the selected items from the Report Audit Trail grid.

All the records from the Report Audit Trail grid can be automatically deleted by setting the deleting options at the bottom of the screen:


The default deletion time is set at 11 PM.  If the practice wishes to amend the pre-determined deletion time, the administrator is required to edit the config file within the Central Service Hub folder.


To set the delete options:

  • Auto Delete: Tick this option to enable the automated deletion of the Report Audit Trail items. When the Auto Delete is ticked, the Frequency and Date Next are enabled.
  • Frequency: Set how often the CCH Central Service should remove the Report Audit Trail items.
  • aud10.png
  • Date Next: Displays the date when the CCH Central Service will perform the next deletion. This field is automatically populated when a frequency is set and is calculated based on the day when the frequency was set and on the frequency value. For example, if the frequency is Monthly and the date when the frequency was set is 01.03.2018, then the Date Next is 01.04.2018. The Date Next is a mandatory field if Auto Delete is ticked and it can be amended.
  • The following message is received when users try to close the Report Audit Trail screen if Auto Delete option is ticked and the Date Next is blank:
  • aud11.png

Note: Users can set a Date Next without setting a frequency.


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