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4.1 Report Audit Trail

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Report Audit Trail is available within File > Maintenance> Audit Trail, allowing users the ability to view the history of reports created in CCH Reporting and Smart Reports that have been run and the history of the files that have been exported to Excel.


Each record from the Report Audit Trail grid, include information about the report name, the fields and parameters that are included in the report, the name of the employee who ran the report and on what date and time the report has been run.


  • Icon: An icon is displayed depending on the report type: Smart Report audx1.png , Reporting audx2.png  and Export to Excel audx3.png . When the cursor is hovered over an icon, a tooltip with the report type is displayed.
  • aud3.png
  • Report Name: displays the name of the report that has been run or the name of the file that was exported to Excel.
  • Fields Selected: displays the fields that are included in the report or in the Excel file.
  • Parameters Selected: displays the parameters that were selected in the report.
  • Employee: displays the name of the employee who ran the report.
  • Run Date: displays the date and the time when the report was run or when the file was exported to Excel.
    If the Fields or Parameters Selected are too long to fit in the field, a tooltip that displays all the fields or parameters is displayed when the cursor is hovered over the Fields Selected or Parameters Selected field:
  • aud4.png

Users can filter the Report Audit Trail grid by:

  • Date using the Date From and Date To fields:


  • Type using the Report Type field:


The Report Audit Trail grid can be grouped and sorted by any field like the rest of the grids from CCH Central.

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