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    Located within Support > Support Centre, it provides Central users with quick access to key support functionality without having to access the Support Website separately.

    Task Permission

    Access to the Support Centre is controlled by a Central permission key (#Help @Support Centre). This Central task permission key is located within Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions.

    • Maintenance - #Help @Support Centre


    If a user does not have permission, the Support Centre option is visible, but greyed out, under Support > Support Centre. Also note that if a user does have permission, access to specific areas within the Support Centre can still be restricted and controlled via Support Website Security from the Support Website. Please contact the helpdesk for further information on Support Website Security.

    Accessing the Support Centre

    Click on Support > Support Centre to launch the Support Centre tab;  this tab can be detached, by right clicking on the tab and selecting Detach, and moved to a second monitor if you so wish in order to help you view and follow Knowledgebase articles or log calls whilst simultaneously using Central on your primary monitor.

     The Home, Knowledge Base and Log a call sections can be accessed via the Tasks Bar. Clicking these links will display the relevant section.  Access to each section can be restricted via Support Website Security on the Support Website. If restricted, on clicking the link users will receive a message stating that they do not have permission to access that section and that they must liaise with an internal Superuser. 

    support centre - support tasks bar.png


    Re-accessing the Support Centre via Support > Support Centre whilst open sets focus on the currently opened window and will not launch a new Support Centre tab. 

    Log call is used to create a support call via email.

    Adding Log-in Credentials

    In order to access the links within the Support Centre, each employee's existing Support Website log-in credentials need to be added to their Employee record within Central via Employee > Main > Password >  Web Password.  The passwords are stored to allow automatic log-in into the Support Centre. If an employee does not have an existing Support Website log-in then they will first need to register on the Support Website as normal.

    employee passwords - web password.png


    In addition, users are able to store and apply their individual eLearning log-in credentials by checking the 'Duplicate web details to eLearning' tick box. 

    If the log-in credentials are incorrect or missing under the 'Add/Edit Web Password' section, a Login Failure message will appear when accessing the Support Centre and the related links. 

    support centre - login failure.png