Setting up Task Permissions

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    Task permissions are set to control access by users to the system. Permissions are either set as enabled or disabled and depending on that setting and what group the employee belong to, they will or won't be able to carry out certain functions. Once you have set up security groups, the next step is to set up the task permissions that belong to each security group. This means selecting which menu options, windows, tab windows and software functions a security group can access or edit.

    Task Heading Example: Choose a Client

    The system comes with default permissions already set for the default security groups. You can modify them, set up additional ones or remove permissions from any default group. It is strongly recommended that you do not delete any of the default permissions otherwise the system may not work properly.

    1. On the main menu, select Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions.

    2. On the Task Permissions window, select the Product and Group that you want to set up the task permissions for.

    3. Click the Expand button File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/100_Security/050_Task+Permissions/020_How+to+set+up+Task+Permissions/icon_expand.gif to expand the Group Description and list the permissions for that area.  The list expands along with the Allow check box.

    4. Select the Allow check box to give permission to a task. Leave the check box clear if you do not want to give permission for the task (or use the Toggle group on/off option in the Task Bar).


    Add a new permission by describing the function and activity and selecting the Allow check box.

    For example, you could add:

    # Client@Responsibility to tell the system you mean the Client page and the Responsibility tab.

    Refer to Symbols used in Security Settings for an explanation of what they mean and do.

    1. When you have finished setting up task permissions, click the - sign next to the Group Description to collapse the list.

    2. Repeat steps 4 to 6 to set task permissions for each remaining Group Description.

    3. Repeat steps 3 to 7 for each Group (security group) in the Product and then click OK to save and close the window.