Setting up Task Codes

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Each task is represented by a short code in the system that represents a short name and description of the task. A Task Code is allocated to every task. Task codes are used to define the allocation, completion, budgeting, milestones, time and expenses, and reporting requirements of tasks in client assignments. CCH Central comes with some Task Codes already set up but you can add to these to address the unique needs of your practice. The system administrator usually adds task codes to the system.

Create a task code

  1. From the main menu, select Maintenance > Miscellaneous > Code Types.

  2. On the Code Types window, click and expand the Code Type you want to add a new task code to.

  3. In the blank row at the top, enter a Code, Short Name and Description for the new task.

  4. Enter a CRM Type and select the Availability for the new task. The available options are:
    Timesheet – The task will only be available in timesheets.  Users will not be able to use this task to create Smart Tasks.
    CRM – A Smart Task will be created in the To do section of the Task Bar for clients, contacts, suppliers and assignments.

  5. Click File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/090_Miscellaneous/010_How+to+set+up+Task+Codes/bttn_ok.gif on the Code Types window to create the task code.

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